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Slot Machine Betting
In most land casinos today, slot machines take up the vast majority of the gambling space. Even online, unlike most other casino games, there is usually more variety in terms of the types of slot machines that are available for you to play. Why is this? It's simply because slot machine betting is so immensely popular among gamblers. Playing the slots doesn't require a lot of skill or concentration, they come in all shapes, forms and types and they're simply great fun with a chance at a small, medium or large payoff with any pull of the handle.

Beat the Slot Machines
Can you really beat the slot machines? It's a question that so many people have sought to find an answer for. As outlined in our slot machine strategy section, good money management is probably your best bet in trying to beat the slot machines. Slot machine game play is so random and there is really no way of predicting whether you'll win or lose big, or even break even. So your best bet definitely lies with managing your playing stake to make the fun last as long as possible.

Loose Slot Machines
You might hear some slot machine fanatics talk about slot machines being "tight" (not many winnings happening) and about loose slot machines (lots of winnings happening). Are there really loose slot machines? In truth, for both the land and online casino world, there is no accurate way of knowing this.